April 14, 2021

A network to scale entrepreneurship projects

A network to scale entrepreneurship projects

When he had been working in New York for 11 years, Adrián García-Aranyos (Madrid, 1977) left JP Morgan to return to his hometown and create the Spanish subsidiary of Endeavor, which was born in 2014. Since then, this foundation has selected in our country to 35 entrepreneurs who have seen their businesses spurred by access to a global network of employers, mentors and other entrepreneurs. Belonging to this ecosystem, present in 33 countries, causes a "multiplier effect" experienced by companies such as Cabify or Goiko Grill. "I do not want to demean any entrepreneur, but these two cases are exceptional for their evolution in such a short time and because their founders have become both mentors and employers who are reinvesting in the community, which exemplifies the virtuous circle we seek in Endeavor ", Points out García-Aranyos.

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