A network that obtained residence permits through false reports of ill-treatment falls

The women paid 10,000 euros and the organization offered them the services of a man, also a foreigner, willing to simulate the aggression

National Police agents have broken up in the province of Almeria to an organized network dedicated to the recruitment of foreign women in an irregular situation in the Spanish territory, who in exchange for a sum of money – which was around 10,000 euros – offered them the possibility of getting a residence card in Spain provided they submit false allegations of gender violence, pretending to be victims of ill-treatment by alleged partners with whom they agreed to the fraud, as reported by local media.

Since September last year, agents have been collecting enough evidence about this plot formed by people of Romanian and Maghreb origin. Apparently, Women were captured by these networks that guaranteed them that it was a simple, efficient and risk-free process.

According to police sources, once the woman is convinced and always under the payment of the agreed economic amount (around 10,000 euros), the organization offered the services of a man, also a foreigner, willing to pretend that both had a romantic relationship.

The next step was to go to a public place and, in the presence of other citizens, They pretended to have an argument that included the physical assault on the woman, which caused the witnesses themselves to call the police.

The statements of the witnesses showed the use by the “couple” of insults and phrases in Spanish, so that they were “perfectly understandable” by the people who were in the place.

The false victim, at the time of the trial, ratified his statement, and from there, became a beneficiary of the service cast that the administration has established for the “true” victims of abuse.

The “Operation Carpathians” has finally resulted in the arrest of 14 people.

The reactions to this news have not been expected and the dismantling of this network has given rise to those who have been denouncing the ineffectiveness of the Law on Gender Violence and the defenselessness of men before false allegations both in divorce proceedings and for Get papers irregularly.


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