Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019

a nerve center to control your house

Nuevo Google Home Hub: un centro neurálgico para controlar tu casa

In addition to its two flagship phones, Google has presented other interesting devices today in New York: a multi-functional tablet that operates with Chrome OS (and not Android) and a smart speaker with screen to become the nerve center of the connected home. None of these devices will arrive in Spain at the moment according to the company.

Google Home Hub, as this speaker is called, has as main feature a 7-inch screen and a set of speakers and microphones similar to those found in a traditional Google Home. In fact, it is a modified version of this model, to which the screen has been incorporated as an element of extra interaction.

Google has not revealed when it will be available in Spain

Having a screen expands the number of things we can do with this type of device. From watching YouTube videos with recipes or music video clips – instead of just listening to it – until you are able to see our calendar, maps or weather. All the functions of smart loudspeakers are increased thanks to this screen that many customers can see as an added more than necessary.

Its price in the United States will be 150 dollars plus taxes, only 20 dollars more than the Home "to dry". Multiple leading technology companies are adding screens to their smart loudspeakers in an ironic circle of decisions that began by eliminating them to create only voice-controlled devices, and that they have completed the trip by adding them back.

It does not have a camera so it can not be used for video calls

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