A neighbor saves a woman locked in a house burned by her husband - La Provincia

Jesus He heard the desperate screams of his neighbor Paqui. He didn't think twice: jumped the fence of the house and entered it between the flames and the intense smoke. The husband had set a room on fire and locked his wife inside. When Jesus arrived, the man was holding the door so that it would not come out but he pushed it away and could take it out. With singed clothes, hair and body part he was able to escape a certain death because an accelerator had been used for the fire to expand rapidly. The detained man was not stopped or had the Headquarters of the Local Police of Castilleja de la Cuesta (Seville) in front. Outside the house, aided by several neighbors, Paqui recounted the hell he lived: "My husband has thrown me gas and wants to burn me." The whole town thanks Jesus for his courage because he saved the life of his neighbor, although she suffered burns and smoke poisoning.


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