A municipal police officer admits that he approved the masks of Medina and Luceño with a photocopy in Chinese

A municipal police officer admits that he approved the masks of Medina and Luceño with a photocopy in Chinese

The municipal police officer who prepared the technical report on whether the masks that the Madrid City Council imported through the commission agents Luis Medina and Alberto Luceño has acknowledged this Friday before the judge that he did not verify what the document from China said, where they were manufactured , because it was a low-quality photocopy, written in the language of that country and that was only concerned with verifying that the name of the model, KN95, appeared.

In addition, the policeman has declared before Judge Adolfo Carretero that the photos he analyzed of the graphene masks are different from those provided by the supplier. The police wanted to apologize that if his report was not signed or dated it is because it was internal, legal sources report. His work consisted of analyzing the documentation and not the masks themselves, he has remarked.

Likewise, the municipal police officer has admitted, with respect to the international organizations that supposedly endorsed the use of the aforementioned masks, that he limited himself to reading what he put on his website, ignoring the warning from the Ministry of Labor of the invalidity of any certificate issued. by NDE. Of the other organism, the FDA, the policeman has said that it is a simple patent document.

The judge opened a new one in front of the Madrid City Council when he was interested in the "degree of suitability of said masks in relation to the regulations in force in the year 2020". He also asked the City Council to specify what those masks were used for, how they were distributed and also if there are any left. And he also requested information about what happened to the masks that they donated and that went to the Puerta de Hierro Hospital where the wife of one of the commission agents, Alberto Luceño, worked at the time, as he recommended to the City Council.

In this sense, the judge asked, at the request of the PSOE, to declare the person responsible for a report from the Municipal Police on whether or not the KN95 masks meet the necessary quality standards. The judge, therefore, wants to know, not only if there were overprices, but also if the City Council bought defective merchandise and what use was given to it. Until now, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office had only focused on the defective nature of the gloves and the tests acquired from Luceño and Medina.

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