A multilingual world in an intercultural world | Society

A multilingual world in an intercultural world | Society

Almost a year after the misgovernment and the political setback that put the focus on the educational community and on bilingualism in Catalonia, The linguistic model of the Catalan education system has been presented in Barcelona.

When society is so changing and social stability is maintained in equilibrium, it is not mere chance that educational policies include a linguistic model based on multilingualism, why? Because it is attributed to a certainty that we can not ignore. Thanks to the autonomy that schools enjoy, linking it to the center's educational project, together with a linguistic project, they generate a plural wealth.

If we talk about bilingualism, linguistic immersion and the use of the Catalan language as a vehicle, what we mean is that the skills acquired in that language should be the same as those acquired in Spanish. Therefore, if the community is Catalan-speaking, the basic grammatical structures will be made in that language, linking it and strengthening the Castilian language in order to obtain better results and vice versa. Thus, the linguistic immersion can be given in both languages ​​indistinctly and the intensity of their use in the school will respond to pedagogical, territorial and social criteria and will be included in the center's linguistic project.

From the pedagogical perspective, if a group of students, in completing a stage must know add, and is in the meridian of it and has not yet acquired the mechanisms of the algorithm, we will intensify the pedagogical and educational actions to improve and consolidate it. The same goes for the language. In this way, you can get to introduce more languages ​​to be able to do so, from bilingualism real, enrich the personal itineraries of the students. The focus of education is on the individual, personalizing their learning from the collective and the community in which it is located, always linked to a territory.

Teaching professionalism goes beyond what is imposed in the curricula and is now facilitated through this proposal of a linguistic model, which does not focus on only one language, but reinforces the two that are specific to it, closely linked to the competences that the apprentices must achieve in finishing each educational stage.

Pilar Gargallo is president of the Federation of Pedagogical Renewal Movements of Catalonia (FMRPC).


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