May 25, 2020

A mother searches Google for “how to get away with murder” before hanging up her children

The woman faked the suicide of her children.

Lisa Snyder, 36, has been charged Monday with a total of nine crimes, two of them of first-degree murder, after their eight and four year old children would appear hanged in the basement from his home in Albany Township (Pennsylvania, USA).

Hanging from a beam

The events occurred last September when the woman called emergency explaining that she had found to his two children hanging on a roof beam with two dog leashes on two wooden chairs, explains the local newspaper The Reading Eagle

In his testimony before the investigators, Snyder said that the eldest of his eight-year-old children suffered bullying and that he had stated that he wanted to die and even that he had attempted suicide on several occasions.

The version of the mother version soon fell apart when the police began asking their neighbors. The alleged bullying was denied and it was proved that the child was unlikely, given his visual disability, would have been able to tie the ropes to his neck and that of his sister.

Also, according to a testimony, Lisa Snyder had said she was depressed and that He no longer had any interest in his children one week before the event.

When investigators tracked their Google and Facebook accounts, they discovered that they had searched for information related to suicide and murder. In one of them he had searched: "Effective ways to hang someone" and later "Carbon monoxide in a car, how long would it die?".

Sex with your dog

In addition, among their messages on social networks appeared images in which she was seen practicing sexual relations with her dog, which is why she is also accused.

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