A minister warns that the "brexit" is in danger if the May agreement is not approved

A minister warns that the "brexit" is in danger if the May agreement is not approved

The British Minister of International Trade, Liam Fox, says that the possibilities of leaving the European Union (EU) would be only of "50-50"% if the Parliament does not approve in January the agreement proposed by the Government, in an interview with "The Sunday Times".

Fox, of the partisan sector of a "brexit" hard, maintains that the only way to be "100% sure" that the United Kingdom will leave the European bloc is approving the agreement that the Prime Minister, Theresa May, has agreed with Brussels.

"If we do not approve it, I do not think it would give more than 50-50" odds to "brexit", says the minister, who stresses that "it is a matter of honor" to support May and believes that not doing so would be "incendiary" "

Fox recalls that Parliament authorized the holding of a referendum in 2016, in which he won the EU's exit, so now "he can not deny the result", since this would "break the bond of trust between the electorate" and the power legislative.

The minister's words are framed in the campaign undertaken by May to persuade his colleagues to support his treaty, which has aroused wide opposition in particular by the safeguard to avoid a physical border on the island of Ireland.

According to "The Sunday Times," the head of conservative discipline, Julian Smith, has intensified this Christmas the pressure on the deputies "Tories" to adhere to the official line, while the opposition has accused May of trying to "bribe "to some dissidents proposing them for the highest awards in the United Kingdom.

In the list of Britons that in 2019 will be decorated by Isabel II, released on Friday and in whose preparation the Executive participates, several conservative politicians are included, among them John Redwood, from the Europhobe sector, who will receive the title of "knight" of the empire with "sir" treatment.

Redwood has ensured that receiving this award will modify its decision to vote against the government pact, which will be presented before the House of Commons in the week of January 14.


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