«A minimum pension of 1,080 euros can not be established»

The Minister of Labor and Social Security, Magdalena Valerio, said today that, although she would "like" it, the Government "can not commit" to having a minimum pension of 1,080 euros per month and an Interprofessional Minimum Wage next year. (SMI) of 1,200 euros, as claimed by retirees and pensioners.

In a day marked by the mobilizations of retirees and pensioners, on the International Day of the Elderly, Valerio has met in Bilbao with a representation of the group of pensioners in Bizkaia, who have raised their claims and their "doubts" regarding to the agreement in the commission of the Pact of Toledo to revalue pensions according to the "real" CPI.

In a subsequent press conference, the Minister of Labor has affirmed that "The Government can not commit, because it would lie" to the next year can establish a minimum pension of 1,080 euros per month or an SMI of 1,200 euros, as pensioners ask.

"We would like the whole Government (to approve this minimum pension), but simply, right now, the Government and the whole society must have two clear priorities: the social sustainability of the public pension system to guarantee the maintenance of its purchasing power, and the financial sustainability of the system, "added Valerio, who has advanced that the pensioners have told him that they will "follow" with their mobilizations.

Valerio has said that the system "keeps in mind" and must "fight so that it has a future" with the adoption of a series of measures to "reorient" the system to "control the deficit and if possible turn it into a surplus."

The minister has said that only with the quotes will not be able to maintain the system, has called the effect of the labor reform of the PP "lethal" and has expressed confidence that this year it will not be necessary to resort to the reserve fund for pensions. In addition, it has indicated that the Government "does not consider a priority" the transfer of the Social Security of the Basque Country. EFECOM


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