February 24, 2021

A miniature Carnival keeps Brazil’s party alive in the pandemic

Sao Paulo, Feb 14 (EFE) .- Feathers, sequins, floats and a lot of glitter are some essential items of the Carnival that fills the streets of Brazil every year. But in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, in 2021 only the sculptures that make up the Union of Maqueta Samba Schools will be able to parade and wear their costumes.

Every year this group reproduces the colorful and impressive parades that take over the Brazilian sambadrome, although, yes, on a much smaller scale.

Dozens of miniature dolls replace the “foliones”, as the people who go out to celebrate Carnival are known, and come to life, through videos recorded in slow motion, on a cardboard track about two meters long, by where a total of 31 model samba schools parade.

For Carnival lovers, the 2021 version will be celebrated through the internet and with live broadcasts, since the coronavirus emergency forced the cancellation of face-to-face parties throughout the country.

“It’s very funny, because we have the same unforeseen events that usually occur in the real Carnival. There are times when the allegory breaks, the doll faints or falls into the sambadrome,” Denis Rafael Lima da Silva, president of the Mocidade do Itaim Paulista school.

As in the parades of Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo, in the Maqueta Carnival the participants are also judged by a group of experts, who evaluate the harmony, costumes, floats and the evolution of the show to finally crown the winner.

Lima da Silva explained that the work for the preparation and recording of the parade begins months before the presentations and, in most cases, the schools themselves are responsible for all the stages and expenses of the production.

He added that, in the midst of the health crisis, which already leaves nearly 10 million infected and almost 240,000 dead in Brazil, the foliones will have to resign themselves to enjoying the carnival confined to their homes and betting on digital parties.

But when it comes to the Model Carnival, fun is guaranteed: “It is a game that we take very seriously. Before, we considered ourselves to be very fond of, but we believe that we are the golden star of 2021 in this year of digital carnivals,” he said. .


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