May 16, 2021

A Miami judge orders the transfer of the president's brother from Honduras to New York

A Miami judge orders the transfer of the president's brother from Honduras to New York

Miami judge Jonathan Goodman ordered the transfer to New York of Juan Antonio Hernandez, brother of the president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernandez, to answer there of charges related to drug trafficking, according to a court document that Efe had access to today.

The order of Judge Goodman, dated November 26, states that "Tony" Hernandez must be transferred to New York by a security officer and handed over to whoever is in charge in that city to make it available to the Southern Judicial District, where he is imputed

Goodman does not set a date for the transfer, but points out in his order that the person who receives Hernandez must notify the Prosecutor's Office and the court's ordinance of his arrival in New York.

Juan Antonio Hernández, known as "Tony" Hernández, was arrested on November 23 in Miami, according to the documents that appear in his judicial record.

He is accused by a grand jury of crimes ranging from conspiracy to import cocaine to possession of automatic weapons and destructive devices, conspiracy to possess such weapons and falsehood in declaration.

Authorities say Hernandez, who was a parliamentarian in his country, is a "large-scale" drug trafficker who worked with organizations in Colombia, Honduras and Mexico to bring cocaine to the United States.

According to the prosecutor Geoffrey S. Berman, Juan Antonio Hernández was involved "in all phases of the trafficking through Honduras of cocaine shipments of several tons destined for the United States".

"Hernandez allegedly organized security with machine guns for cocaine shipments, bribed law enforcement agents to obtain sensitive information to protect drug shipments and asked for large bribes from important drug traffickers," Berman said in a statement issued Monday.

According to the prosecution, Hernández participated at least from 2004 until 2016 in cocaine trafficking operations that arrived in Honduras through airplanes, speedboats and, on at least one occasion, aboard a submarine.

The brother of the Honduran president had access to laboratories in his country and in Colombia, in which some packages of cocaine were marked with the symbol "TH", in reference to Tony Hernández, according to the accusation.

The US authorities they say they have proof that in February 2014 Hernández met with Devis Leonel Rivera Maradiaga, former leader of the band Los Cachiros, and agreed to help him in exchange for bribes.

According to the prosecutors, who cite video and audio recordings, Rivera Madariaga paid Hernández about $ 50,000 during that appointment.


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