Sun. Dec 15th, 2019

A member lives the floods of Tafalla

After the victory of The Wolves in
, the team members have not stopped giving interviews to tell how they feel after winning the biggest pot in the history of television with 6,689,700 euros. However, the emission of the grand finale caught one of its full members floods in Tafalla (Navarre). This is how he explained it this morning Manu Zapata, a native of that town, who on Monday witnessed how the stream he took the cars of his family.

"I'm from Tafalla", interrupted the contestant to Susanna Griso to send a message. "I want to send a hug and a lot of encouragement and a lot of support to the people of my town," he said.

Manu Zapata, member of 'Los Lobos', lives the floods of Tafalla

Manu Zapata, member of 'Los Lobos', lives the floods of Tafalla

Last Monday, the torrential rains collected in the Cidacos River caused Navarre towns such as Tafalla dawned with everything flooded and destroyed. In fact, the flood was such that it took the life of a person in Ezprogui. Throughout the day, we saw images of car dwellers dragged by the tide of mud and emergency services trying to evacuate people in danger.

One of them is Manu Zapata, member of Los Lobos, that day was in Tafalla to see the end of Boom! in the family house and whose families have been affected by the floods.

"That seemed like a war zone"

"They came by car to see the program, one of them nothing happened, but another one was carried by the current the car, my mother's", Explained Susanna Griso's question about the situation they experienced. "The losses in general have been tremendous," he continues.

In fact, when Manu was "picked up by car to come here (to Antena 3) to all the programs where we were yesterday, the driver was impressed because it looked like a war zone. Cars piled on top of each other … and now there are people trying to clean, helping, collaborating … "

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