Mon. Feb 17th, 2020

A meeting of opponents mutates in a protest over the police siege in Nicaragua

A meeting of the opposition Blue and White National Unit in Nicaragua was transformed this Thursday into a protest against President Daniel Ortega, due to the police siege, at a time when the country is going through a deep socio-political crisis.

Hundreds of opponents were gathered in a hotel near the center of Managua, when the National Police surrounded the place with riot agents and special forces, which sparked the protest.

Opponents, originally known as "self-called" because their claims do not follow leadership, were planted in the hotel parking lot to show their rejection of the Ortega Government, which they call "dictator."

"Democracy yes, dictatorship no!" Some protesters shouted. "Freedom for political prisoners!" Some claimed, "Mothers do not give up, demand justice!" Proclaimed others.

There were also those who launched the song "You have to study, you have to study, not to be a national policeman."

The National Police, which does not offer a professional career, is identified by the opposition as the main "repressive arm" of the Nicaraguan Government.

For a year the Nicaraguan Police have prohibited manifestations of rejection of Ortega, a measure criticized by jurists because it contradicts the Constitution.

The atmosphere, which was already tense, worsened when the "self-called" approached the police fence with Nicaraguan flags, which is considered a reason for jail by the Government.

Despite the tension, there were no cases of violence.

The members of the Unit had met with the objective of publicizing their proposal for a "post-Ortega Nicaragua", which consists in establishing the development axes of the country once the president leaves office, which he obtained in 2007 and He refuses to leave.

Opponents point out that they believe that once Ortega resigns from the Presidency, which they expect before 2021, democracy will be restored in Nicaragua, justice will be done in favor of the victims of the crisis, there will be economic growth with social equity and a sustainable human development

At the moment the socio-political crisis has left 328 dead, according to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), compared to 595 that have local organizations and 200 that the Government admits.

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