A mayor claims Trump for the closures at border crossings due to the caravan

A mayor claims Trump for the closures at border crossings due to the caravan

The mayor of Chula Vista (California, USA), Mary Casillas-Salas, today called on President Donald Trump for the economic impact caused in the region by the partial closures at border crossings after the arrival of the caravan of Central American immigrants.

The Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP) closed momentarily for another simulation one of the two booths between Calexico and Mexicali, in Imperial County, without specifying the reasons, although civil groups consider that they seek to prevent massive crossings of immigrants in search of political asylum.

Casillas-Salas and the elected mayor of National City, Alejandra Sotelo-Solís, expressed today in a letter to Trump their concern about the impacts on trade due to closures in their jurisdiction and the humanitarian crisis of these immigrants.

"We write to express our concern and outrage at the situation that you have created on the border between Mexico and the United States given the lack of resources aimed at prosecuting asylum seekers," they say.

As happened in past drills at San Ysidro, Otay Mesa and Tecate, dozens of agents with riot gear practiced their training for half an hour, as well as the use of smoke devices.

In total, the busy border between California and Mexico has closed six times, four of them for simulations, in the last three weeks.

"Any action to close the border will result in irreversible damage that would threaten to plunge the country's economy into a recession," the officials added.

President Trump has threatened to close the border with Mexico after the arrival of the caravan of immigrants and in his attempt to obtain a budget to finance his promised border wall.

"The economic consequences of closing the border would be catastrophic, irresponsible and totally avoidable," the mayors say.

The authorities estimate that the closure of five hours registered on November 25 at the San Ysidro port office left economic losses to businesses in that district above 5 million dollars. The neighboring cities of Chula Vista and National City were also affected, confirmed their mayors.

Both urged Trump to send more resources to the border to process thousands of asylum claims from those who arrived for that purpose.


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