July 25, 2021

A Márquez of sixty square meters

A Márquez of sixty square meters

The Lleida town of Penelles has just added a new illustrious neighbor to its walls. This is the seven-time world champion Marc Márquez, who since a few days has gone on to star on the facade of the house that hosted the former mechanic of the town thanks to the tribute that Estrella Galicia has decided to pay 0,0. The brewer has had Kram, one of the leading artists of the urban art scene in Barcelona, ​​who has invested 170 spray cans and 30 hours of work in immortalizing Marc's image on 60 square meters of façade.

If for some reason the small town of Penelles is known, in the province of Lleida, it is for the more than 80 graffiti that occupy its streets and color more than 900 m2 of facades. This town, with only 474 inhabitants, has become a tourist attraction thanks to the GarGar festival held every year and brings together some 25 urban artists to use the facades of the buildings of the town as a canvas and leave their streets full of colour.

This mural with the smiling face of Márquez comes to mark the close relationship of Estrella Galicia 0,0 with the pilot, which goes back to the 2010 season in which he won his first world title in the 125cc category. "Our philosophy is to bet on young talents and accompany them on the road to success, and Márquez's career is an example of effort and improvement for all athletes. We always talk about Estrella Galicia 0,0 being a different story, so our tribute to Marc also had to be different, something original and lasting in time ».


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