A man wins 50 million in the lottery but hides it from his family for 10 years

The lottery It is one of the wettest dreams of any person, an opportunity to live a new life, and above all to blow the job.. A very remote option but that some manage to experience, although like everything in life, some take advantage of it more and others less.

If not, just look at the story of a California man who won the lottery 10 years ago, a total of $ 55 million. However, the man continued with his normal life and without spending his new money so that his family did not realize all that he had entered, the reason?

Well, as the protagonist of the story himself tells Marketwatch mediumHe was afraid that his sister would force him to donate half the money to their church, which is why he was hiding it for 10 years. Now, and after losing contact with his sister, the new millionaire has assured that he will continue with a normal life, as he is already used to it.


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