A man shot dead by police dies after stabbing two agents in Vallecas - La Provincia

A man in his 50s and with multiple backgrounds for gender violence has died after being shot down by police shooting after stabbing two agents on Calle Caranavajos number 12, in the Madrid district of Villa de Vallecas, a spokesman for the National Police Headquarters reported.

The 091 received a call at 02.25 hours from a woman alerting that her daughter's boyfriend was threatening her with burning her alive at home, carrying a knife.

To the place a sign of the National Police appeared who accompanied the mother to the house. When they open the door, the agents see their daughter's boyfriend pouncing on them with a knife.

The dejected man managed stab one of the cops between the neck and the facial region, the agent falling to the ground, and also injured his partner in the thorax, very close to the clavicle.

He died instantly

To prevent the aggression from continuing, the policeman who fell to the ground fired his regulatory weapon against the individual, who he died practically on the spot.

The agents were treated by the Samur-Civil Protection and the policeman wounded in the neck he was seriously transferred to the hospital October 12 while the stabbed near the clavicle was referred with the same prognosis to the San Carlos Clinical Hospital, where he remains admitted.

In addition, police sources have explained that the dejected man had multiple antecedents for mistreatment and breaking of sentence.


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