A man murders his wife in Seville | Society

A man murders his wife in Seville | Society

A 67-year-old woman was murdered this Saturday by her husband, 68, in Dos Hermanas, a municipality of about 133,000 inhabitants of the province of Seville. The man has called 112 to confess the crime. The call has occurred at five in the afternoon and the confessed murderer has said that he killed his wife in the family home, at number 4 Cepeda Street, as reported by police sources. The daughter of the deceased has also called the same emergency phone shortly after to alert of the event.

The man has been arrested and is in the local police station. From the City Council of Dos Hermanas have pointed out that the crime occurred after a discussion. Municipal sources have specified that there are no previous complaints of sexist violence or in the registration of the National Police, neither in the Local Police nor in the Municipal Equality Delegation.

Until this Saturday, in 2019 four women had been murdered by their partners or ex-partners, according to the Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Equality. In addition, another case is under investigation. In 2018, the macho violence ended with the life of 46 women. Since the official counts began in 2003, 980 are already killed.


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