Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

A man mistreats his girlfriend in full 'reality'

Un hombre maltrata a su novia en pleno ‘reality’

Its about reality show longest of Russia and now, one of the most controversial after what happened in one of its broadcasts. One of the contestants of
Sun 2
-A mix of reality TV and dating in which participants build a house and look for a partner- reacted extremely aggressively against their girlfriend. The man in question began to pull her hair and hit him live. He had had a fit of jealousy.

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Although the rest of the classmates tried to stop him, it was not possible, and the scene of macho violence that was lived puts the hair of end. In fact, we warn that the images that you can see from these lines can hurt your sensitivity.

Another of the contestants of the 'reality' tries to avoid abuse

Another of the contestants of the 'reality' tries to avoid abuse

It all happened when four participants in this program of Russian reality TV - mix between The house of your life and First Dates- they were chatting. One of them, Andrey Shabarin asks his partner, Rozalia Raison, if a friend has touched him. To which she, Frightened and about to cry, she replies: "Well, they hugged me".

So, Shabarin rushes against her and begins to hit him hard on the head, pulling her hair included. Two of the companions who were there tried to stop the aggressor. But, it was completely impossible. Nobody could with him. I was totally out of my mind.

The contestant attacked her out of jealousy

After the emission of these images in the TNT chain, the organization of
Sun 2 he ended up expelling the contestant
. Regarding the status of the woman, it seems that she managed to overcome the injuries and fright, although it has not transcended if she ended up reporting her for gender violence.

However, the program far from having deleted the video to continue publicizing this type of behavior, he is using it as a promotional bait to attract more viewers.

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