Wed. Apr 1st, 2020

A man kills his wife in his house, where his children were | Society

A man kills his wife in his house, where his children were | Society

A 47-year-old man has allegedly killed his wife, 39, in Loeches – a population of 8,673 inhabitants 30 kilometers east of Madrid – and then has taken his life by cutting his veins, according to sources close to the investigation, which the Civil Guard is carrying at the moment.

The armed institute investigates the violent death of the couple, whose bodies were found this morning in a room of their home, on the street of José Sanclemente Rey. They were the children of the couple, a girl of 11 years and a child of 5, who warned of what had happened. The minors, unharmed, have been attended at first by the SUMMA, outside the home. Later, a psychological care device of the Red Cross has taken care of them.

In the place there are two teams of the Judicial Police, which are proceeding to the "lifting of the bodies and locating the relatives". Both showed signs of violence and were found around 10:15 am, after a warning to the emergency number 112.

If this new case is confirmed, this would be the victim number 13 of 2019, 988 since the official count began in 2003 (and there is another case that is under investigation). The telephone number for victims of gender violence is 016. It does not leave a mark on the telephone bill, although it is necessary to delete it from the call register.


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