July 27, 2021

A man dies after injecting silicone in his testicles

A man dies after injecting silicone in his testicles

A man died in Seattle (USA) after fill your testicles with silicone as part of a game known as "sex cult". The man, named Jack Chapman, was 28 years old, and injected a large amount of this liquid into his scrotum.

Chapman was part of a homoerotic relationship in the gay community of San Francisco, before moving to another in Seattle. He had a relationship with Dylan Hafertepen, popular blogger of the gay community. Mr. Chapman was forced to take Dylan's last name, sign his salary, interrupt contact with anyone outside the group and wear a chain around his neck.

Mr. Chapman's death certificate lists «Silicone injection syndrome» as one of the four causes of death, as well as three problems related to the lungs. The Australian, also known as Tank Hafertepen, published photos of himself with enlarged genitals. Abnormal swelling and distortion of the penis They are side effects of silicone injections, which can cause fluid accumulation and bleeding in the lungs. Hafertepen, his sentimental partner, posted on his website: "If" Tank "was my world, I was his sun; he made me feel like the center of his universe »


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