A man convicted of setting fire to his ex has been running for a month with his 5-year-old son - La Provincia

A five year old is missing for more than a month and in "serious risk", as reported to a Court of Violence against Women of Valencia The mother of the child, victim of abuse and totally desperate at the possibility that his ex-partner could cause some harm to the child, vicarious victim of sexist violence. The father, with violent background, including a five-year prison sentence for spraying gasoline and setting fire to an ex-girlfriend in 2004, is in search and capture and could have had the collaboration of a family member to hide the child.

According to the report of police risk assessment, the victim was classified as extreme risk given the background of the alleged repeat offender, who would have threatened her with death after leaving the family home after enduring psychic abuse. "You're going to make him commit murder in the first degree," he threatened in one of his messages.

Although the report abuse It was filed on January 5 in Valencia the court has not yet agreed to urgent measures regarding the child or resolved the protection order requested by the lawyer of the victim. The court has also been requested to authorize a series of interventions with which the UFAM agents of the National Police, responsible for the investigation, can locate and detain the fugitive and safeguard the child's integrity.

«This anguish and despair are killing me in life», Confesses the mother, whose name and data we omit to protect her anonymity. Thus, the woman asks for citizen collaboration so that if someone sees her child or has information about her whereabouts, she will contact the police. The boy, five years old and with gypsy features, has long black hair, may wear it in a braid or ponytail, with glasses (striking for its size and color) and lacks an upper tooth, according to the description facilitated

For its part, the suspect, identified as Antonio MH, 41 years old and who resided until recently in Massamagrell, has five pending requirements from different courts in addition to the search activated by violence against women after the complaint filed for psychic ill-treatment and death threats .

The 'gypsy law' and the role of the suspect's family

The victim's lawyer He has also requested that an arrest warrant be issued against the mother of the suspect for obstruction of Justice. They consider that he is helping his son, in fact the paternal grandmother had already threatened to take the child "if he did not comply with the Gypsy Law." The woman had to leave the family home, "after arming myself with courage," leaving the common child of both there "following her rules so she wouldn't go crazy if she took me." According to her gypsy laws, "the woman who abandons her husband must assume that she also leaves the children she has in common with him, even if the husband had given her a bad life." As stated in the complaint, "the parent is allowed what they call mother's rights, such as seeing the child when and under the conditions set by the husband."

Agents of the UFAM of the Sagunt National Police They have been conducting surveillance at the home of the suspect's mother. After she authorized them to enter, they verified that the fugitive was not hiding there, nor was there a trace of the child.

In 2009 Antonio M. H. was already convicted of spraying gasoline and setting a fire to his ex-girlfriend in Valencia in 2004. The victim suffered burns in fifteen percent of his body and the now fugitive recognized the facts in the trial to reduce the penalty from ten to five years.


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