A man arrested in Seville for tying his partner so he wouldn't go out on Christmas Eve - La Provincia

The Local Police of Seville they have arrested a middle-aged male who he fondled his sentimental partner to the couch so he wouldn't leave home on Christmas Eve after an assault.

As reported by the City of Seville in a statement, the events were triggered about 03.00 when a man appeared at the entrance of the Headquarters of the Local Police claiming to have been assaulted by his partner and presenting different injuries.

The man explained to the agents that, after dinner, the woman wanted to leave home and he did not, a situation that led to mutual discussion and aggression, and that he had ended up reducing it and handling it so that he did not leave home.

The patrol moved to the building where located the woman sitting on a sofa with facial injuries. The woman explained to the agents that, after Christmas Eve dinner, he proposed to his partner to leave and he did not agree, which led to an argument that was becoming more violent until he decided to hand her with a cable to the sofa, what she He tried to avoid assaulting him.


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