January 25, 2021

A man arrested for killing his ex-partner, who was burned to death in Tenerife | Society

A man arrested for killing his ex-partner, who was burned to death in Tenerife | Society

The National Police has arrested a man in La Laguna (Tenerife) on Tuesday as the alleged perpetrator of the murder of his ex-partner, whom he sprayed with gasoline and set him on fire. The vehicle in which the alleged perpetrator was traveling and the victim crashed into a street lamp in the area of ​​the Francisco Peraza stadium in La Laguna on January 16.

When emergency services arrived, they found only the burned-out corpse of the woman, who was 47 years old. His companion fled and was located hours later in a hospital after suffering injuries in the arms and legs. The alleged perpetrator is also charged with a crime of animal cruelty because the dog of the victim also died inside the vehicle.

Apparently everything pointed to a traffic accident. The alleged perpetrator explained that he had panicked after the impact of the vehicle and that the burns he presented were made when he tried to help his ex-partner get out of the car. This version did not convince the police, who initiated a thorough forensic investigation.

The key has been the analysis of the interior of the calcined vehicle, where remains of accelerant have been found, specifically, gasoline. The hypothesis that the police handle is that the man sprayed with fuel and set fire to his ex-partner, which motivated that the victim lost control of the vehicle and crashed against the lamppost.

In his flight, the alleged homicide could not avoid burning his limbs. The police accuse him of a homicide crime and tomorrow he will go to court. At the moment, it is unknown if there were any previous complaints.


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