A man arrested for beating and sexually assaulting his mother in Madrid | Society

A neighbor of the Madrid town of Parla has been arrested on Tuesday accused of beating and sexually assaulting his mother, 76, after returning to the home completely drunk, police sources have reported. The 56-year-old arrested already had numerous police records for similar events.

A neighbor of the victim was the one who alerted 091 of the National Police when she heard screams from a woman asking for help. When the officers from the Parla police station came, the victim opened the door, whose face was completely disfigured, as well as signs of aggressions all over his body. The woman told them that she had been attacked by her son after returning from the bar completely drunk. As he said, he forced him to fellatio and then tried to rape her.

Agents found the son lying on his back in the bed of a room with arm injuries and a head injury, as a result of his mother's defense attempts. When the police told him that he was being detained, the aggressor, of Spanish nationality, got up and collapsed due to his drunkenness.

He was picked up and transferred to the Infanta Cristina hospital. The home was attended by emergency health services that transferred the mother to the same center. Apart from the blow to the face he suffered bruises and a great state of nerves.

The detainee, after being observed by the doctors, was transferred to the police station and brought to justice.


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