A man arrested for assaulting his partner in front of a three-month-old boy in Guanarteme - La Provincia

The Special Night Unit of the Local Police of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has arrested a man for alleged crime of gender violence in Guanarteme. The events occurred at 01:30 on Saturday in a house in the capital district after calling a neighbor at 092 calling for help after hearing a couple's argument in a holiday apartment.

Upon the arrival of the agents at home, they found the woman, along with the alleged aggressor, a three-month-old boy and the mother of the man. The victim told the police that her partner arrived at the address in a state of drunkenness and violence, that when asking for money and refusing to give it to her, she took her by the arm and shook her hard, causing her a bruise and then, after releasing her, began to smash various items of the apartment.

The agents of the Local Police, when interviewing the alleged aggressor, observed a little collaborative attitude, getting to take his baby in his arms, which is why the agents convinced him to release him and give it to the grandmother there present .

Local police officers finally arrested C.M.T., 32 years old and a native of Lanzarote, who was informed of their rights and transferred to police units accused of a Alleged crime of gender violence.

The Local Police remember that women who suffer any physical or psychological abuse can request urgent help by calling 092. Also, the number 016 is attended by specialized personnel to give advice and help to victims of sexist violence, without leaving a trace on the list of phone company calls.


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