A man arrested after helping his wife die, terminally ill | Society

A man arrested after helping his wife die, terminally ill | Society

"I do not want to sleep, I want to die", said last October María José Carrasco, 62, with multiple sclerosis in the terminal phase. Half a year later, and without having obtained the euthanasia she requested, the National Police has arrested her husband, Ángel Hernández, aged 70, accused of having provided him with a substance to help him die at his home in Madrid.

The arrest took place this Wednesday, when the agents appeared in a house located on Federico Carlos Sáinz de Robles street, in the Moncloa Aravaca district, according to Europa Press sources confirmed by the Madrid Police Headquarters. Hernandez, according to the same sources, said that he had given his wife a substance to kill him because he was in the terminal phase.

Carrasco was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1989, aged 32. The disease was ending the nerve transmissions. With vision and hearing affected, unable to stand, unable to clean themselves or eat on their own, unable to write, type or use a utensil, without almost being able to swallow or speak, Carrasco depended completely on her husband, technician of Audiovisuals of the Assembly of Madrid, retired early.

The V Homicide Group is in charge of the investigation, while the SUMMA toilets only confirmed the death of the woman, according to sources of Emergencies 112 Community of Madrid.


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