A man accused of killing his wife and his stepdaughter: "I lost my mind" - The Province

A man accused of killing his wife and his stepdaughter: "I lost my mind" - The Province

The accused of killing his wife and stepdaughter in Daimiel (Ciudad Real) in February 2017 has admitted that he killed them, but that he is very sorry and that every day he remembers what happened, "flooding my mind".

This has been expressed M.J.Y.M, in the second session of the trial with popular jury that is being held in the first section of the Provincial Court of Ciudad Real and which has only agreed to answer the questions of his lawyer. An interrogation that has had to be interrupted several times by the president of the room for being "excessively directed".

The defendant has made a story in very low voice and with few words corroborating what was narrated by the defense in the previous session of the trial. He has admitted that he did not have in mind to kill the victims but that the circumstances of the previous days, in which his wife pressured him to get money, the psychological abuse to which he says he submitted it and a discussion of which he does not remember the reason, in the kitchen moments before picking up the knife, it was detonating.

"I lost my mind," he said between babblings in which he admitted not remembering exactly the situation, only that the death of the stepdaughter was accidental and that there was struggle between him and his wife. "I remember poking my wife in the chest, I went out to the landing and I do not remember anymore until the Civil Guard", has added.

Also, the defendant has stated that he does not remember if he stabbed many victims or few. "I was out of control," he concluded.

I bought "nonsense"

He has narrated how things started to go wrong when his wife spent all the money and made sure that he bought "nonsense", that he spent all his savings and that he asked for credits in his name. Of all this he realized, he explained, because he was notified by the president of his community of neighbors because he had several months and went to ask the bank.

He has alluded to his total dependence on his brother, who worked with him and thus managed to have about 300,000 euros in savings in an account and when he went to the bank he no longer only did not have them, but was informed that he owed 17,000 euros in loans. He told his brother and told how he recommended divorcing, an issue that he raised with his wife, producing a "bad situation" by not accepting it.


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