September 26, 2020

A magnitude 5 earthquake is felt in much of Puerto Rico

An earthquake of magnitude 5, according to a preliminary advance, was felt this Saturday in much of Puerto Rico, where since last December 28 there has been a great seismic activity that had its peak on January 7 with a tremor of 6.4 that caused death and serious damage.

The Puerto Rico Seismic Network reported that there is no warning, warning or tsunami surveillance for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands because of this latest tremor.

The Puerto Rican agency determined that the quake was of magnitude 5, although the United States Geological Survey estimated that it reached 5.3, both preliminary data.

The tremor was recorded at 16:20 local time (20:20 GMT) at a point between latitude 17,978 and longitude -66,787 at 9 kilometers deep.

The quake was located 8.6 kilometers south of Guayanilla, a municipality on the southwest coast of Puerto Rico, where virtually all relevant earthquakes have been recorded since last December 28, when the seismic activity boomed.

The earthquakes of the last weeks have caused that still near 2,000 people remain refugees in five base camps distributed by the southwest of Puerto Rico.

The last rains caused flooding in two of the camps, so the National Guard is working today to prepare a new place for the victims who have not yet returned to their homes.

The fact that some groups denounce bad management of the aid provided to the victims caused a demonstration to be convened last Thursday that ended with incidents.

The Puerto Rican Police launched tear gas to disperse the people who were demonstrating in San Juan to request the resignation of the governor, Wanda Vázquez, for the attention to the victims of the earthquakes, after knowing that no available food was distributed in the affected areas .

The clashes occurred hours after the end of the demonstration, when it seemed that incidents were not going to be recorded.


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