Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

A Madrid Metro pickpocket confesses who his favorite goals are

The Meter Madrid is one of the places where pickpockets that transit through the capital can be made the day. That is why security surveillance is continuous. In fact, there are up to 20 agents responsible for ensuring the welfare of users. But nevertheless,
The summer program
He has verified that there are experts capable of circumventing any obstacle.

For this, he has sent the Madrid suburban to a reporter in charge of patrolling the most frequent lines in which robberies take place to try to catch someone. And they get it. “Most of the pickpockets that work in the Madrid metro they are of Romanian origin, we also have Bulgarians and many South Americans ”, says one of the agents in charge of the patrol.

"Those who are very good go alone"

"Those who are very good go alone because they don't need anyone and thus it is not necessary to distribute and they happen more unnoticed ”, explains this one, alleging that these are more difficult to detect. On the other hand, the newest, go in a group so that one covers the action of the other.

Suddenly a call starts the police. There is a pickpocket in New Ministries. They hunt him, but he doesn't carry anything. He is habitual and in spite of the initial refusal decides to speak with the program of the summer. Why does a pickpocket steal in the Madrid Metro? "To eat", he points out.

Russians and Germans, the favorites

As he claims, he doesn't know how to do anything else, that's why he commits a crime. He does it alone, because, according to him, "better alone than in bad company". But its audience, its target, its victim, is not just any user. This states that the tourist "French no, he has no money", but there are some nationalities that are better to dock: "The Russians and the Germans ”.

The agents who patrol the area have arrested him but he knows he will regain his freedom in a few hours. And is that, After paying a fine, the pickpocket can go back to commit a crime by the suburban under the watchful eye of more than 8,000 cameras that will try to prevent it from doing so.

'The summer program', hunting for pickpockets.

'The summer program', hunting for pickpockets.

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