A Madrid lottery gives 127 million to real estate consultants and La Paz

The second prize of the extraordinary draw of the Christmas Lottery has played in the administration of Carmen Hinojosa, in the Madrid district of Chamartín, and has been distributed, above all, between real estate consultants and the hospital of La Paz.

In addition, today this is not the only reason to celebrate this lottery, since this Sunday is her birthday.

December 22 is, without a doubt, an important date in the calendar of Carmen Hinojosa, the head of 'Los Buhítos de la 31', which has distributed this Sunday among the 102 subscribers to the number 10,989 a total of 127 million euros the Same day he celebrates his birthday.

"It is my birthday, so it is being a double celebration, I do not think how happy I am," says Carmen from the bar next to the administration, where the winners celebrate between champagne, hugs, and excitement the great pinch That has touched them.

Carmen says that the winners with this second prize have been the subscribers "who have distributed it with their families", and the company Grupo BC, dedicated to mortgage advice and has been in the administration "many years."

This number has also reached the University Hospital La Paz in Madrid, specifically, the pathology laboratory, because Carmela, a worker at this hospital, was already in charge of distributing this number, which she has been paying for many years, among her companions.

"I am very happy that he has touched, because it is the last year that I am with them, and I am very happy to have given them luck," says Carmela, almost happier for her co-workers than for herself.

Carmela has learned that they have touched 125,000 euros for her and each of her companions because they have notified one of them by phone and, at first, she did not believe it, but later they have also notified her since the administration of the Felix Boix street and has already felt "the pinch".

"It is a number that I have been paying for many years, and I am delighted to have distributed it and shared it with my colleagues, whom I love very much since I have been with them for many years," emphasizes this worker from La Paz.

This second prize of the Christmas Draw has come out at 11.31 hours, and in the Community of Madrid has left 167.5 million euros.

Although the administration that has distributed the most has been Carmen, who has distributed 127.5 million among workers and subscribers in the Chamartín neighborhood.

Almost eight out of ten tenths of this number have remained in the Community of Madrid. Of the 212.5 million that distributes the second prize of the Christmas Lottery, 167.5 million have remained in this region.

In addition to the 127.5 million distributed in the capital, the Escorial administration number 3 has distributed 37.5 million euros along with a hardware store and the famous Doña Manolita, in the heart of the capital, has distributed 2.5 million among your clients

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