A Madrid court admits a lawsuit against Dimas Gimeno for alleged espionage in El Corte Inglés

A Madrid court admits a lawsuit against Dimas Gimeno for alleged espionage in El Corte Inglés

The investigating court number 35 of Madrid has admitted a lawsuit against the former president of El Corte Inglés Dimas Gimeno, his brother Miguel Ángel and his mother María Antonia Álvarez for an alleged crime of revealing secrets. The complaint ensures that the former top manager of the department store chain would have hired the Israeli company NSO Group, creators of the Pegasus espionage program, to spy on directors of El Corte Inglés, according to Vozpopuli has advanced.

Gimeno sells his shares in El Corte Inglés and withdraws all lawsuits against the Álvarez sisters

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The complainants are the former communication director of El Corte Inglés Ángel Barutell, his wife Gloria Allende and the journalist Eulogio López, founder of the Hispanidad media outlet. In an order dated June 6 to which the Efe agency has had access, the plaintiffs explain that Dimas Gimeno asked them for help during the war that Dimas Gimeno waged against the sisters Marta and Cristina Álvarez Guil for control of El Corte Inglés.

Always according to the order, the plaintiffs agreed because of the closeness they had with the historical president of the company, Isidoro Álvarez, brother of Dimas Gimeno's mother. His brother asked for their mobile phones to verify that the then head of Security at El Corte Inglés Juan Carlos Fernández Cernuda was not spying on them. In this verification, according to the complaint, some keys would have been introduced. Later, the plaintiffs point out that they verified that their phones had been cloned after experiencing "strange" events such as duplicate screens or the deletion of messages. In addition, they found microphones in his home.

The complaint expands that not only were they being spied on, but also members of the company's board of directors to collect "photos of extramarital affairs, conversations between the longest-serving directors committed to the will" of the late Isidoro Álvarez with the objective of "extorting" the directors so that Dimas Gimeno would maintain the position of president, thing that didn't happen in the end.

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