A macrofestival for 25,000 university students, pending a judge | Society

Some 25,000 young people will be concentrated this Friday, April 12, in a hamlet outside Valencia to celebrate with music, alcohol and paellas that university exams are just around the corner. A party or macrobotellón towards which municipalities and neighbors look increasingly distrustful of the inconvenience that it generates. An affected neighborhood association has asked the court to suspend the event.

The concentration of thousands of young people in search of fun has neighbors of the hamlet of La Punta, which already hosted the event in 2015 and 2016 and know its consequences. The president of the association, Vicente Romeu, recalls that three years ago "suffered material damage to crops, fields, damage to vehicles, damage to houses in the garden, gardening, urine and feces on public roads and private property" , pick up the complaint.

"Where are the neighbors going to park?" Asked Romeu, who added to Efe that "there is going to be a marabunta, a runaway herd of buffaloes, and although there will be someone who behaves well, they will have to drink and drink." listen to music and, as in Fallas, people urinate, defecate and have sex on the street. "

The influx of thousands of university students to this hamlet, of just 2,600 residents, concerns neighbors because they fear that all access roads are blocked and traffic jams make mobility in an area of ​​isolated rural houses impossible. The inhabitants of the district are in favor of the fact that the City Council of Montcada, which hosted the aforementioned festival last year, did not want it to be repeated this year.

"It is a sensitive space, a protected garden, in which many elderly people live who live alone and with reduced mobility," says the complaint filed today. The first annoyance began the first morning because the local police had hung the posters with a ban on parking from six in the morning to 11 at night. "This festival does not benefit the neighbors, on the contrary, it violates their rights."

Carlos de la Cruz, spokesman for the company that organizes the festival, defends the event and is outraged by the "criminalization of young people." According to the promoter, tickets are only sold to adults, the security, access and sanitary device is double that established by law and as for alcohol, each person who accesses the enclosed space can only spend one bottle - it is assumed that with a mixture of alcohol and soda- less than 750 milliliters for a party that begins at noon and closes at eight o'clock in the afternoon.

"To qualify young people with a wild flock of buffaloes is to transfer all the red lines," says the organizer. "We understand that the impact it has on the neighbors is less than a daytime party," says De la Cruz, who says that the macro party has nothing to envy to music festivals. The tickets, as it appears on the web, are around 25 or 30 euros.

Controversy 'in crescendo'

The controversy has gone in crescendo since last Monday the location of the university paella was known, and the mayor of the city, Joan Ribó, has had to pronounce himself and expressed his will to "not leave hanging thousands of people who have an entrance", although is waiting for "what the judge says, if he says no, it will be no".

For Ribó, the conflict starts with "a private company that started selling tickets for an event in the municipality of Montcada". Given the refusal of the consistory there to the realization of it, "the City Council (Valencia) seeks where to locate it and the only site is La Punta but at this time we are studying."


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