A loose verse in Tourism

Fernando Miñarro (c) with the mayor of Puerto de la Cruz (l) and the director of Puertos Canarios, yesterday. / EFE

The general director of Tourist Infrastructure, Fernando Miñarro, acts outside the department, which warns that its calls are not official

B. Hernandez

B. HERNANDEZ The Gran Canarian palms

The person in charge of
Tourist Infrastructures of the Government of the Canary Islands,
Fernando Minarropresented yesterday -together with the director of Puertos Canarios, Manuel Ortega- a project of the
Canary Islands Government to improve the image and quality of 13 non-capital ports of the autonomous community.

Good news if it weren't for the
Ministry of Tourism I had no news of this initiative that was going to be carried out by its general manager.

And it is that Miñarro has manifested himself for a long time as a
loose verse who has hired
two press companies to manage, convene and publicize their actions outside the head of the department,
Yaiza Castillaand their communication managers.

In this 'independent' line of work, he has even
"counterprogram" the counseloras it happened in a scheduled call in El Hierro, which he attended a day before 'bursting' the act of Castilla.

Out of control

Until now, this lack of control of the general director had been kept intramural in the Ministry, but yesterday it broke the camel's back and, after verifying a new performance by Miñarro
no coordination with the teamthose responsible took action on the matter.

The Director General of Infrastructures convened in
Cross port without knowledge of the Ministry, an act, together with the
Director of Canary Ports -
both from ASG-, to present an improvement project in different port infrastructures of the autonomous community.

Subsequently, Tourism warned against these practices and warned that
Miñarro “goes free” and that in the calls for their acts the letterhead of the Regional Ministry or Executive does not even appear.

This way of acting is not new. On different occasions, the director general has summoned town halls and other entities
“at your own risk” and in some inaugurations, to which he attends on behalf of the Ministry,
"He has placed plaques on which his name appears"claiming a merit that corresponds to the department and the counselor as head.

Miñarro (d) unveiling a plaque with his name in Frontera.

This has happened in the palm municipality of
Tijarafe, according to Miñarro himself, he left a record on his social networks. He had a similar performance at the inauguration of the new Plaza de Marese, in
Borderthis same month of July, in whose conditioning and beautification work the Ministry of Tourism invested almost 250,000 euros.
On the plate, his name appears.

"Not valid"

Faced with this situation, Tourism issued a note reiterating what the
official accounts from which their communications are sent and with the request that "any call or press release that does not come from them is not taken into account", since it is not a source of the Ministry and therefore
"does not have validity to carry out any communication work on behalf of the Government of the Canary Islands.

Each council of
Canary Islands Government It has its own
press office and in some cases, they have support services that have been awarded through a public tender.

However, Tourism points out that Fernando Miñarro
has hired two communication companiesso there has
"duplicated an existing service" and also apart from any directive issued by the direction of the department.

They insist from the Ministry of Tourism that these companies contracted by the general director of Tourist Infrastructures
they do not have the authorization of the department to act as such and reiterate that their communications or calls are not valid and are not made on behalf of the Executive.

An area of ​​Curbelo

The Ministry of Tourism was the area that corresponded to the
Gomera Socialist Group (ASG) in the distribution of power after the signing of the
Pact of the Flowers that governs the Canary Islands.

He has been the leader of this formation,
Casimir Curbelowho has chosen and maintains its leaders.

Fernando Minarro,
artist and architect According to his social networks, he was appointed by the Government of Ángel Víctor Torres on August 1, 2019. Until then, and according to the biography provided by the Executive, "he combined technical and artistic design tasks."

Although the designation of the areas of each partner of the Pact corresponds to each one of the parties, in the Ministry of Tourism the appointment of the
Deputy Minister of Tourism,
Teresa Berasteguiofficially appointed two days after resigning as a militant -and leader- of
citizensreplacing Sergio Moreno.

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