A look into the metaverse, the virtual environment where internet 3.0 is developed

Luis Garcia Lopez
Updated: 06/10/2022 15:26h

The development of the metaverse, the transition from the digital internet as we know it to the virtual environment, is an unequivocal direction in which established and emerging companies are heading. In the case of Uttopion Metaverse, the commitment to create a space to create communities and generate an environment with greater interactivity and business possibilities is already a reality, as explained by its CEO, Miguel Ángel Fito.

How did the idea of ​​bringing the web to the metaverse come about? Did any other media like videogames influence you?

It's funny, because when we were little we did like to play video games but when we started working on the project we came from unrelated fields, such as music or events. In the pandemic we were totally paralyzed, unable to organize concerts, and we detected that there was a demand to increase interactivity, beyond a screen for those who continued to perform from home through social networks.

People wanted to participate and we decided to round out the concept. Much more interaction was needed, and that's when we started with Music Hood, a virtual environment for music, collaborating with events and festivals until the current Uttopion Metaverse

To what extent can you improve the interaction between people in the metaverse?

We are in an initial phase, this has just begun. One step further is being advanced each time, as is happening with haptic devices (gloves to interact with the metaverse, including touch to the equation). Technology has no limits and putting a ceiling on it is a mistake. In the technologies related to virtual reality, they are usually developed for tomorrow due to the lack of market penetration, but we prefer to focus on today. An example is the avatar that we have developed, the identity in the metavers, together with the development of virtual reality on mobile devices, the most used device and that allows greater accessibility.

How do you attract investors and consumers to such a new and partly unknown concept?

It is the great challenge. Go from the digital web or 2.0 to the virtual or 3.0. We detected from the beginning, with brands and creators, the difficulty of bringing people from social networks to the virtual environment and we decided to simplify it as much as possible, through a link that leads to the virtual environment. The big difference between both websites is that everything you do in that environment is yours. The creators are owners and beneficiaries of their businesses, a way to avoid the 'gatekeepers', as is now the case with the big platforms.

What is the commercial potential of Uttopion Metaverse?

Who was going to tell us a few years ago that one could earn a living on a social network? All these advances are possible by having a space to generate a community. We want to facilitate the creation of these communities in the metaverse. You don't need to know how to program, develop 3d environments or even understand the metaverse. The tools are provided by us.

Through the avatar it is possible to link the creator with their social networks and, from there, generate a community that allows them to generate business, as in web 2.0, but multiplied by 100 thanks to the improvement when interacting with followers .

Do you contemplate any legal barrier that could limit the development of the project in the medium or short term?

We are well advised and there are interesting regulations such as the MICA, to regulate the transaction of crypto assets in Europe. This will generate security in the consumer and will establish common rules of the game for all. In addition, we have to monitor the data protection part and that advertisers comply with our uses and conditions. From here, everything is to be done. They were commenting on one of the forums that, in legal terms, the metaverse does not yet exist and I completely agree.

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