April 21, 2021

A look at the historical covers of Spain’s victory in the 2010 World Cup – La Provincia

When Andres Iniesta scored in the 116th minute, already in overtime, the goal that provided Spain with its first and only World Cup, A burst of euphoria spread across the country, and the front pages of the newspapers became monographic.

The football world certainly gave in to the game played by La Roja during that World Cup. Fury had given way to touch. Short but talented players took possession of the ball and defeated one team after another. They didn’t play in the final as well maybe as in the semifinal against Germany, killed with a tremendous header by Carles Puyol, but they were a very competitive team throughout the tournament, led with the wise hand and Vicente Del Bosque’s serene speech.

Iniesta earned prominence on all covers -this newspaper offers the opportunity to remember some of the most spectacular of the moment- a humble boy who came from a terrible year, struck by depression, a treacherous injury and the death of a close friend, Dani Jarque. He was a hero without being forged by the classic workings of heroes.

A footballer who still plays like a dancer, gliding across the grass, smooth, with elegance, with a very refined technique, but that day in South Africa, in the 116th minute, he shot with all the strength of his muscles. There were not and there are no hands capable of stopping all the determination of that shot. A whole country, from that moment, took to the streets to celebrate the unusual success … a decade later The Newspaper of Catalonia turn on a special serial, which will run over the next week, and that in different digital and paper formats it will analyze in depth the sports relevance of that historical moment, in addition to the emotional and social phenomenon that it meant for practically an entire country.


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