March 6, 2021

A lobster ridicules on Twitter the ambassador of Israel in Brazil

The photo of a dish in a restaurant with an appetizing lobster badly hidden has made memes run on social networks, where the diner, the Israeli ambassador in Brasilia, Yossi Sheli, has been harshly criticized for not being a kosher food (which fulfills the food standards of Judaism).

In the image, last Sunday and spread yesterday, the diplomat was eating with the Brazilian president, Yair Bolsonaro, in clear contradiction with the rules of the Torah, which prohibits consuming crustaceans.

The black stud that partially covers the two lobsters, shows that the Embassy tried to hide the supposed nutritional "sin" that Sheli was committing. Bolsonaro's plate also appears with another black stud.

The ambassador, says digital Ynet, is a personal friend of Bolsonaro, with whom he often shares dinners and football matches. On Sunday, both gave each other a meal at a well-known seafood restaurant in the capital before going to the Maracana stadium to watch the Copa America final.

"Before the final of the Copa América between Brazil and Peru, the president @jairbolsonaro and @embaixadoryossi had lunch together in Brasilia and will continue the game, wishing the Brazilian team luck in search of another title. Come on Brazil !!" the tweet, broadcast by the official account of the Israeli Embassy.

The critical and ironic comments did not wait and the memes ridiculing the two dignitaries ran through the networks shortly after the photo was released.

"Hide the lobster," said one user, while another clamored "the lobster is not kosher"; one more criticized: "They censor the lobster!", and others alluded to the scarcity of food and asked "humility" to the diners.

The user identified as Liv Mealone wondered if "Netanyahu knows if his ambassador is trying to hide the fact that he is eating lobster because he does not want people to discover that he is not keeping kosher or because the president of Brazil, Bolsonaro, wants to keep the illusion of being a humble man who only eats simple food. "

Sheli, a businessman before entering the ambassador's office in 2017, was banned from holding public office for three years, after being found guilty of perjury and fraud for not reporting his political affiliation to the Likud of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he held public office.

Since joining the presidency, Bolsonaro has shown great sympathy with the Israeli government and came to promise during the election campaign that he would move the Brazilian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem – against the international consensus broken in 2018 by the US.

At the moment it has not done so, although it did visit the country last March and announced the opening of a commercial office as the first step towards changing the Brazilian legation.

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