August 3, 2021

A life lesson

A life lesson

We are all in mourning. I knew I was sick, but I did not think it was anything serious and that the outcome would be so imminent. I thought he was going to recover, but, unfortunately, it has not been like that. She, who faced so many hard avatars throughout her life, could not overcome this last blow, the hardest. Maybe it was his appointed day. But he has gone as she wanted, surrounded by the love of his people, who have been by his side, without moving, always close. The most special memories that I have lived have been through his daughter, who has always seemed to me a wonderful person. When I met her – we worked together – I remember that I said: "Your parents have had to be, and have to be, wonderful for you to be like that." Because it is. She is such a good person, so educated and so simple … Through her, she explained to me what it meant to be the daughter of a great one among the great ones like her mother was, I met Montserrat and, indeed, in the short distances She showed herself as a completely simple woman, humble and very cheerful. He was never distant, although he was different and we will not have someone close to him again. He laughed a lot, he had a great sense of humor.

He has left us with a lesson that only the great ones can leave on what it is to know how to lead a long-term career, with an impeccable technique and a unique voice. A woman who, above all and above all, as well as a singer was a mother and exercised of it.

His great legacy for me is music, but I think we can also enjoy Caballé a lot through his daughter.

It's a strange, strange day. On the one hand we celebrate, and we congratulate ourselves, that there has been this great lady of music and art, and that some, many, we have had the enormous privilege of knowing her; but, obviously, it is sad because it has left us, although I know that a witness bequeaths us that is unparalleled. We must never forget this: Montserrat Caballé is today one of the largest Spanish representatives of lyric worldwide. What a shame it seizes us not only here in Spain but throughout the world. We will remember it always.


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