A legend of 25 years

A legend of 25 years

All the great names of motorcycling surrender to what a boy from Cervera is doing. Even the biggest ones are clear that Márquez will pulverize his numbers if he has not already done so. At 25 years old accumulates the same titles of the queen category as one Mick Doohan, a fact that already serves to explain what Marc is, which has revolutionized MotoGP since it arrived in 2013. He won the title as "rookie", he swept in his second year and only the third took a break. It was the season of the controversy with Rossi and the triumph of Lorenzo on the last day in Valencia. That experience taught him things he had not learned yet, he became stronger mentally. Then three more consecutive crowns have come, each one in a different way, but with something in common: the superiority of Marquez in all circumstances. It rises a lot, yes, although it has also been regular in all circumstances. That's why this year he has accumulated a lot of advantage, always on the podium except in the two races he did not finish, while his rivals were failing alternatively.

"If I'm honest, after Aragon I got used to the idea that the title was near. The motivation was to get it the first time, because I'm like that, I've risked when I attacked and I caused Dovi's error by throwing. I am angry that he is not on the podium, but it was important to celebrate in front of the bosses, who are happy, "acknowledged the protagonist in the cameras of Movistar. He confessed that he wanted to win it today, without expecting anything else. It is his way of being and he can not help it.

His shoulder went out during the celebration

"I knew that if he came with Dovi on the last lap he had the right to win. I was comfortable setting the pace and when I saw that he was away it was hard for me to concentrate. I crossed the finish line and I have celebrated it with the fan club, "he added, counting a celebration that had an unforeseen event."My shoulder has come off, they have put it on me fast, and tonight's dances do not get lost."

He only gets serious when he looks back and sees everything achieved in such a short time. "Seven titles are said fast, but when I hear that number, they seem like a lot to me. The desire is the same as the first day. Hopefully I have many more. You have to celebrate the good times because the bad ones are coming alone ", he reflected on becoming the youngest to reach the five MotoGP championships.

"I'll tell Doohan that I'm sorry for matching him," he joked, thinking of Australia, where he will be a resounding champion after having dominated the year with great authority. He has failed less than the others and between the Yamaha wreck and Dovizioso's mistakes at first he has run out of opposition. It was fast regardless of whether each circuit was favorable to the Honda or not. He flies independently of the bike that they give him, to which he adapts without question. It runs more than its mounts and more than its rivals. That is why it has reached that level seven which is the slogan of the 2018 celebration.

7 titles, 69 victories, 115 podiums, 78 poles and 60 quick laps contemplate him. And this has not done anything but start.


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