Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

A lawyer says he fears for Assange's life if he is extradited to the United States.

A lawyer says he fears for Assange's life if he is extradited to the United States.

Carlos Póveda, Ecuadorian lawyer Julian Assange, said Thursday to fear for the life of the activist if he is extradited to the US, after the arrest warrant and extradition filed against him in London and the termination of his asylee status.

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In a statement he made this Thursday in the National Assembly, where the Foreign Minister, José Valencia, appeared to give explanations on the Assange case, Poveda said he has requested the intervention of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) against the State Ecuadorian.

"We are immensely concerned about the decisions of the Ecuadorian government," said Poveda, who is part of the international team of lawyers, headed by Spaniard Baltasar Garzón.

Ecuador suspended on Thursday the Australian activist the asylum that had granted him in 2012 for violation of the protocol of coexistence in the embassy that delivered him last August and also the Ecuadorian nationality he had since December 2017.

"We had previously warned, so we presented on Saturday the protection action of Julian Assange," said the lawyer when referring to a lawsuit against Ecuador that he presented before the IACHR so that it would prevent any decision in that regard.

"At this moment the Inter-American Commission is analyzing the reopening (of the case) in front of an accomplished event that is Assange's departure from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London," he lamented.

The Assange team had also demanded last weekend that Ecuador "confirm" or "deny" if the asylum procedure was "under review", although they did not receive a response to their request.

"So far the resolution of the termination of the asylum has not yet been delivered and we do not have the resolution of the termination of the Ecuadorian nationality for Assange," he said when complaining that they have not been allowed to "defend" the activist.


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