May 25, 2020

A large proportion fire spreads in an important Brazilian ecosystem

A large-scale forest fire, which began last Saturday, was spreading on Monday through the Chapada Diamantina, an important and tourist ecosystem of the state of Bahia (northeast), according to authorities.

The Bay Fire Department indicated that the fire has already spread through the rural areas of the municipalities of Livramento de Nossa Senhora and Río de Contas, in addition to the bordering region of Lençóis, Palmeiras and Iraquara. The llamas can be seen from the urban centers of several of those cities.

The region is also famous for the gold deposits discovered by the Portuguese in the 17th century.

Two airplanes and a helicopter support the ground work of the contingent of firefighters displaced to the natural park, characterized by its dense vegetation.

The fire occurs in parallel to the oil stains that creep along more than 200 beaches in 74 municipalities in the nine states of the northeast region, including Bahia itself, which along with Sergipe has declared itself in an "emergency" situation, and A few days after the fire that devastated part of the Amazon.

Fires in the Amazon intensified in August and September amid strong criticism of the Brazilian government received from around the world, including from presidents of other countries such as Frenchman Emmanuel Macron.

According to the National Institute for Space Research (INPE for its acronym in Portuguese), the Brazilian Amazon registered 30,901 fire bulbs last August, a figure that almost tripled that of the same month last year.

The figure is also the worst for the month of August in the last decade, as a result of drought, high temperatures and largely due to man-made deforestation.

The images of the fires calcining huge expanses of vegetation cover went around the world and generated a wave of outrage in the international community, which accused Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro of the disaster for his anti-environmentalist rhetoric.

The ultra-rightist leader defends the exploitation of the natural resources of the largest tropical forest in the world, refuses to demarcate new indigenous reserves and has repeatedly condemned the "extremist ecology" of NGOs.

According to the INPE, in September, with the entry into operation of the Army, the Brazilian Amazon recorded 19,925 forest fires, a number 19.66% lower than the same month last year (24,803) and 35.52% less to the one counted in August.

But not only the Amazon has been affected by the forest fires of August and September in the country.

As in the Chapada Diamantina, the Chapada dos Guimaraes National Park, in the ecosystem known as the Pantanal (west), and the Cerrado, as it is called the set of forests of the central highlands, suffered raging fires.

The Shrine of Our Lady of the Impossible, one of the main religious epicenters of the state of Rio Grande do Norte and that houses relics of the Portuguese colonization, was threatened by a forest fire that devastated part of the Serra do Lima, in the rugged region from that northern region.

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