A large ditch dug in the farm left Totalán's well in the air

A large ditch dug in the farm left Totalán's well in the air

The Civil Guard suspects that the owner of the farm where the well in which the child Julen died, in the municipality of Malaga in Totalán, was going to undertake a work much greater than a simple booth to store tools and other agricultural tools. For this he moved (or the person to whom he commissioned it) with adequate machinery a certain amount of land to make the foundations of the construction.

According to sources of the investigation have informed LA RAZÓN, the investigations are very advanced (as confirmed by the general director of the Corps, Felix Azón, who visited the Comandancia de Málaga yesterday) and that, fruit of those movements, the well (supposedly covered by the one who pierced it) could be exposed and fall inside different material. In fact, the pitcher said he had drilled 110 meters and the child's fall was stopped at level 71, where he was found by the Hunosa miners and agents of the Greim.

In addition, the ditch that had been made to supposedly lay the foundation goes just above where the well is. In any case, it is also investigated if the pocero told the truth when he said that he had left them completely covered.

The same sources admitted that these are hypotheses with which they are working and that they should be corroborated by the final reports of the Seprona and the Judicial Police Unit, which will be delivered to the magistrate in charge of instructing the case. Félix Azón stressed that the institution works "a thousand per thousand" so that the investigation is completed "in days" because "all Spanish society is waiting for the result" of these investigations. The work is "almost finished", because it is "simply order the story and finish some fringes of the investigation" to transfer it to the judicial authority. "We are all thinking that, presumably, it can not be anything other than an imprudent homicide", but it is up to the judicial authority, in this case the Court of Instruction number 9 of Malaga, to "make the decisions" that apply in the case. He said that the Civil Guard does not work on the basis that a crime has occurred, but that it is investigated and the result of the investigation will conclude whether it has existed or not. Azón acknowledged the effort made by the members of the rescue team and praised the "magnificent coordination work" of a "so complex" operation. He highlighted the capacity that has been shown to face "a crisis that poses a problem that was practically unthinkable beforehand".


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