July 24, 2021

A lagoon will supply drinking water to a third of Managua thanks to the rains

A lagoon will supply drinking water to a third of Managua thanks to the rains

The persistent rains last week in Nicaragua deposited enough water in a single lagoon to supply a third of the population of its capital, Managua, for four months, the Nicaraguan Water and Sewerage Company (Enacal) reported today.

In just three days, between Thursday and Sunday of last week, the level of Asososca went from 34.1 meters to 34.7 meters above sea level, something that happens every year between August and December, detailed Enacal, through government means.

"That increase translates into a water volume of 2.1 million cubic meters, enough to supply more than 450,000 people," Enacal operations manager Reynaldo Castaño said.

The number of people who will be supplied equals one third of the population of Managua, which lives in the western area of ​​the Nicaraguan capital, and which historically has consumed water from the Asososca lagoon.

Thanks to the increase, one of the highest in the last four years, the Enacal authorities hope to improve water supply in western Managua between the months of December to May 2019, according to Castaño.

The official said that Asososca has an excellent chemical balance, so an excess of rainfall did not alter the quality of its drinking water.

The Asososca lagoon, of volcanic origin, reached its highest levels between 1998 and 2000, when it reached 40 meters above sea level, due to the passage of Hurricane Mitch, according to the Enacal authorities.

Asososca is one of the lagoons of Managua that attracts the most attention from the air.


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