A labor outbreak in the construction sector in Gran Canaria causes 39 positives in coronavirus

The 215 new outbreaks in the Archipelago add up to a total of 1,193 cases, of which 131 have occurred in Tenerife, 65 in Gran Canaria, 11 in Fuerteventura, four in La Palma, three in Lanzarote and one in La Gomera.

By area in which they have occurred, 113 are social outbreaks, 57 family, 30 work, five educational, four sports, four in socially vulnerable groups, two health / labor.

In general, all outbreaks have fewer than 10 associated cases except 15 outbreaks that exceed that numberAmong those that stand out, for more numerous: a social one with family branches linked to nightlife on La Palma with 47 cases; one work with family branching with 39 positives in Gran Canaria and related to the construction sector; two social with family branches in Gran Canaria, one with 27 affected at a birthday celebration and another with 13 cases related to a barbecue; a social one with 16 positives at a family and friends gathering in Fuerteventura; two sports cars in Gran Canaria with 16 and 14 cases; and three social in Tenerife with 13, 12 and 12 affected.

As for the outbreaks of labor origin, highlight one in Gran Canaria with 13 cases reported in a food industry, one in Tenerife with six cases in a construction company, another with five affected in Gran Canaria also in a company in this sector, another in Gran Canaria with seven cases linked to commercial activity, another in Gran Canaria with five affected in a hairdressing and aesthetic company, three in Tenerife in three offices, with five, four and three cases; and seven linked to catering establishments, five of them in Tenerife (with seven, four, three, three and three associated cases), one in Lanzarote (with five associated cases) and another in La Gomera (with three affected people).

As for the educational shoots, all with family branches, one has been reported in Lanzarote, with seven positives, and four in Tenerife, with seven, six, four and four affected.

As for the four sports shoots, three have been registered in Gran Canaria, with 16, 14 and 11 cases, and one in Tenerife with eight affected persons.

With regard to health outbreaks, one has been reported at the La Paloma Clinic in Gran Canaria, with 10 affected, including two patients, and the other at the Canarias University Hospital (Tenerife), with three patients and a worker affected.

Long-standing coronavirus outbreaks

49 old outbreaks are also being followed, some of which have grown in number of cases. Thus, there is a social outbreak, with work and family ramification, which already has 61 people affected in Gran Canaria; one work in a company of the food industry in Fuerteventura that already has 47 cases, one educational with family branch in Tenerife with 33 positives, two social in Tenerife with 46 cases and 32 positives, and another sports case also on that island has 27 cases .


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