A judge refuses to intervene urgently in the vote on the labor reform at the request of the author of several complaints against the Government

A lawyer has denounced before the courts of Madrid the eventful vote of the labour reform for a possible computer crime. The lawyer Esteban Gómez Rovira filed a complaint last midnight and even requested that the Civil Guard go to the home of the PP deputy, Alberto Casero, whose erroneous vote allowed the approval of the new regulations promoted by the coalition government. The court flatly rejected these precautionary measures, with the support of the Prosecutor's Office, speaking of "mere suspicions" and agrees to ask the Prosecutor's Office if it is appropriate to open an investigation in addition to leaving the case in the hands of the dean of the courts.

Adriana Lastra: "There has been a case of political transfuguismo and we still have to know the price that the PP has paid"

Adriana Lastra: "There has been a case of political turnaround and we still have to know the price that the PP has paid"

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The complaint was filed by this Barcelona lawyer last night, a few hours after the labor reform went ahead in the lower house and the erroneous vote of Alberto Casero decided the vote in favor of the Government after the turn of the deputies of the Union of the Navarrese People. The three-page text, to which this newspaper has had access, states that "we very much doubt that there may be a non-human "error" in Casero's vote" and points to something more than an error in pressing buttons: "We are witnessing a computer manipulation, in no way to an error that would be equivalent, for example, to any of the calculators that work on our powerful smartphones, pressing 2+2 would result in 5 and not 4, etc," says the complaint.

This lawyer has denounced José Félix Tezanos, president of the CIS, for embezzlement in recent years - an accusation recently rejected by the Justice - he also sued the former Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo, for the absence of King Felipe VI in the delivery of offices of the class of judges in September 2020 in Barcelona, ​​among other actions. Last December also in an interview in the COPE chain affirmed that Yolanda Díaz's words about the beginning of the pandemic would serve to reopen criminal proceedings against the Government for the management of COVID. In the first place, she requested precautionary measures against the vote: that the Civil Guard break into the home of the PP deputy, Alberto Casero"to proceed with the analysis of terminals and systems, reconstructing the vote with the verification code," says the complaint.

His request for precautionary measures was dismissed outright by the 47th court of Madrid with the support of the Prosecutor's Office. For that, the judge said, "authorization from said gentleman is required, which is not recorded, or in his case, an entry order and judicial record, based on clear indications of a crime and not on mere suspicion." The judge made it clear that "there is no urgency for the practice of these proceedings, as reported by the Public Prosecutor's Office, and they can be carried out by the competent Judge, in his case, if he deems it appropriate."

That will be the next step: that another judge take charge of the complaint and decide if there is the slightest indication of a computer crime that justifies the launch of proceedings. Court 47 has decided to refer the complaint to the dean to distribute it to a court and make a decision on the matter. The complaint states that the result of the vote is "a serious multi-offensive attack on a sensitive structure of the state and with the result of altering the functioning of the legislative power of the State."

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