February 25, 2021

A judge recognizes the death of asbestos workers for the first time at Nissan

The social court number 9 of Barcelona has issued the first sentence in Spain that attributes the death of an ex-worker of the Nissan company to the exposure of asbestos in his workplace.

This worker was employed Nissan between 1972 and 1994, and worked at the Nissan factory in Montcada i Reixac (Barcelona) as a maintenance technician in the assembly of parts and also in the repair of production machines.

The judgment proves that the brakes and stamping presses used in Nissan for a time and until 1994 had asbestos, and also proves that this person died in 1994 from a metastatic malignant pleural mesothelioma, a recognized occupational disease for work exposed to inhalation. of asbestos powders.

The widow of the deceased began this legal battle because Social Security recognized only a widow's benefit derived from a common illness, and the ruling now recognizes a benefit for occupational disease.

Sources of the Ronda Collective, who have advised the widow in this case, have advanced to Efe that, once this ruling has been achieved, they now intend to sue Nissan for breaching the regulations on prevention.

The defendant in this case was the National Social Security Institute, the General Treasury of the Social Security and the mutual MC Mutual.

The ruling condemns MC Mutual, with the subsidiary responsibility of the National Institute of Social Security and the General Treasury of the Social Security in the case of insolvency of the mutual, to pay the widow a widow's pension of 52% of a Annual regulatory base of 37,446 euros since December 2015, as well as to compensate it with another 18,723 euros.

The judgment, against which it is possible to appeal, has proven that in the Nissan factory there was asbestos, both in the brakes and discs (provided by third parties such as Bendix), as in the pads of the printing presses.

With this ruling, the lawyer Mireia Garcia, lawyer of the Ronda Collective that has taken this case, is credited that "in the factories of Nissan, both in Montcada and in the Free Zone, asbestos was manipulated, endangering the physical integrity of the people who worked there, "and stressed that this is the first ruling in Spain on asbestos in Nissan.

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