A judge orders a dismissal against a student of the police school for alleged "touching" | Society

A judge orders a dismissal against a student of the police school for alleged "touching" | Society

The Christmas and farewell dinner of the year among a group of students from the School of Ávila, where all the candidates to join the National Police Corps are prepared, ended on December 14 later than expected, well in the night in a local downtown. And left a hangover that ended in complaint for alleged sexual abuse before a court in the city of Castile-Leon.

A young woman denounced a colleague, three days later, for alleged "touching", according to police sources. The judge has ordered the "removal" of the alleged victim's aggressor as a precautionary measure and has so notified the police academy.

The School plans to open a disciplinary record to the student and "provisionally suspend" the course while the trial is being held and the sentence is handed down. "Currently, the student who has been accused by his partner is on vacation until January 8," say the same sources. In case he is convicted of a sex crime "will be set aside," police sources say.

Sources close to the School of Police of Ávila have indicated that the day of the events "the celebration lasted until very late and, in general, it was drunk more than necessary, as often happens in these situations". The case is open in court, after both the accused and the alleged victim testify, as well as several witnesses, and state "confronted positions" and the lack of "physical evidence," according to police sources.

It will be the judge who determines and evaluates the versions provided by the parties and, in the case of successful prosecution, the type of crime against sexual freedom alleged to have been committed.

The latest promotion of the School of Police of Ávila was formed by 1,200 policemen, who were sworn in last June in the presence of Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska.


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