A judge, on the courts of Marbella: “They are a pigsty” – The Province

A judge of First Instance of Marbella has described the place as “sty” in which he works and has denounced the “feeling of disgust” produced by holding trials.

The head of the Court of First Instance number 1 of Marbella, Miguel del Castillo del Olmo, has criticized the “pestilence“which, according to him, support the professionals and users of the judicial headquarters, located on Arias de Velasco Avenue.”It is a giant and polluted toilet“, says the magistrate in an open letter disseminated through the digital Marbella 24 Hours.

The judge explains the feeling of disgust that causes “too many times, not always” to hold civil trials in Marbella, especially in Room 4, where he develops his work, especially “on Mondays or when it rains.” And he regrets the “smell of pee” that, he says, receives “too many mornings” in the “judicial crypt” where he works. “I have the olfactory bulb and cerebellum already bursting with so much and so rotten urinary analyte,” says the magistrate, who has been working in Marbella for more than ten years.

Del Castillo reported in October through a letter to the media the presence of rodents and insects at the judicial headquarters. He noted that the courts and basements stink and are “full of cockroaches, rodents and smelly vents, when not damaged. Citizens should not admit this damn cutrez, “he said in the brief.

The magistrate criticized the “investment announcements that in the end are uncertain” to provide Marbella with better judicial infrastructure. “As much as initiatives are promoted, no matter how many meetings are held, talking is never good, because there are no wise and courageous decisions,” he said.

He also assured that lThe judicial agencies are “at the level of a small town in a third world country”.

The criticisms of the magistrate add to those of the Dean of the Malaga Bar AssociationFrancisco Javier Lara, who in recent months has lamented the disinterest that, according to him, show the public administrations to provide Marbella with a Palace of Justice.

In mid-January, Lara said he did not see “any kind of real commitment” from public institutions to promote the project and was “absolutely convinced” that the different announcements of the proceedings were “words of politicians. move a single paper to make it a reality or the beginning of a reality to build a headquarters like Marbella needs, “he said.

In mid-October, he asked the public administrations “Stop teasing” with the project “When I see the works begin, I will remain calm.”

A week after the January criticism of the dean, the City Council announced that it had received permission from the Junta de Andalucía to improve access from the road, which is autonomous, to the plot on which the Palace of Justice is planned to be built.


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