A judge investigates the former mayor of Badalona and her team for prevaricating

A judge investigates the former mayor of Badalona (Barcelona) Dolors Sabater, of Guanyem Badalona, ​​and the other members of his government team as a result of a lawsuit for prevarication of a construction company, which accuses them of suspending the licensing of works for favor a related entity.

In a car, to which Efe has had access, the holder of the number 1 court of Badalona admits the Vertendy Ensanche complaint against Sabater and the ex-mayor of Guanyem Badalona In Comú Oriol Lladó, Alex Mañas, José Antonio Téllez , Eulàlia Sabater and Francesc Ribot, as well as the councilors who supported her: Francesc Duran, Fátima Taleb, Agnès Rotger and María de los Ángeles Gallardo.

The construction company filed a complaint against the entire government team and the council members who voted in a municipal plenary session in January 2016 to suspend the concession of building, reform, rehabilitation, use and change in the confluence of the buildings for a year. streets Sant Anastasi and Francesc Layret, where there is a building leased by the entity "El Círcol".

According to the complaint, to which Efe has had access, this municipal agreement did not respond to "any real need to modify the planning", but to a "capricious dictation" by the municipal government "with the sole purpose of favoring the particular interest from 'El Círcol', an entity related to Sabater and his team.

The construction company considers that the "only purpose" of the agreement was to stop "unfairly" for at least twelve months the constructive project that Vértice Ensanche had promoted for the building occupied by "El Círcol", an entity "clearly positioned in favor of the positioning "of the team of Sabater, who lost the mayor's office last June after a motion of censure from the PSC with the support of the PP.

"The defendants were aware that they dictated a resolution knowing their injustice with the sole purpose of favoring a particular interest, that of 'El Círcol', not the general interest, as opposed to another particular, equally legitimate, such as the one of the promoter Vértice Ensanche ", indicates the complaint.

In fact, the construction company stresses that, more than two years after this precautionary suspension was adopted, the municipality of Badalona has not made "any type of study, reform or modification of the area affected by the suspension".


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