November 25, 2020

A judge in Vigo files the case against the author of the ‘tamayazo’ and the leader of Manos Limpias for participating in an extortion plot

A court in Vigo has decided to provisionally dismiss and file the case for alleged extortion in which Eduardo Tamayo, the parliamentarian who starred in a coup in 2003 that prevented the inauguration of Rafael Simancas (PSOE) as president of the Community of Madrid, and Miguel Bernard, who was secretary general of Manos Limpias, were being investigated. Along with them, four other people were being investigated within an alleged plot in which they demanded the payment of a debt from a Vigo businessman related to the fishing sector, who denied the existence of it.

Equatorial Guinea issues a search and arrest warrant against the person responsible for the 'tamayazo'

Equatorial Guinea issues a search and arrest warrant against the person responsible for the ‘tamayazo’

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The court document states that it cannot be concluded that there has been “collusion” between those denounced in order to extort money from this businessman, who reported that he was being threatened by people who had been his partners in different companies. They required him, he said, to hand over money to prevent “false” information from being published that would damage his professional and personal prestige, “by linking him to fraudulent businesses in Guinea.” They would also involve political office.

The result of the proceedings carried out leads the judge to consider that the conduct of those investigated is not of “sufficient intensity” to frame them in the violence or intimidation necessary to consider that a crime of extortion has occurred. The order does not see “solid evidence of criminality” neither in the messages received by the businessman in which the debt was claimed, nor in the calls of a journalist who also appears in the case or in the conversations with another of those investigated in the that this “invites” to seek an agreement.

The document, of the Court of Instruction number 8 of Vigo, refers to a message in which it was said: “If you do not pay, you will know about me relentlessly.” It considers that “it cannot be ruled out” that it refers to legal remedies. Regarding the contacts with the journalist, he points out that it cannot be ruled out that they are due to an investigative work for the media in which he works and, regarding the recommendations to seek an agreement from another of those involved, they could be “advice given to a person you trust”. These are, he adds, the arguments to exonerate themselves from those investigated.

Regarding two other defendants, the document states that “it has not been possible to prove” that they are “the last link in the criminal plot” and rejects that there has been an attempt to support the intimidation “based on considerations of their physical appearance.” There is an appeal against this decision to dismiss and file.

Tamayo was facing, in addition to this case now filed, a search and arrest warrant from the courts of Equatorial Guinea, a country in which he appears as a resident. The process began after the complaint filed by this businessman from Vigo, who accuses him of falsifying documentation to discredit him as part of the extortion strategy.

For his part, Miguel Bernard, has already been brought to justice for similar practices. In 2016 he was arrested by the Police, accused of extortions promoted by Manos Limpias consisting of demanding money in exchange for withdrawing complaints previously filed from the pseudo union. He was admitted to preventive prison that same year by order of the judge of the National Court Santiago Pedraz. At the beginning of the year, the trial began in which the prosecution requested the penalty of 24 years in prison.


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